Azalea history and origin

The history of the Flandresse azalea starts in the late 18th century when the azalea was first brought to our part of the world from China and Japan. At that time, floriculture was booming in the Ghent area. Thanks to the proximity of the city with its excellent infrastructure, this area seemed just right for the azalea to flourish. Add a favourable climate and soil type and there you have it, the Flandresse Azalea!

Originally, Azaleas were reserved for the aristocracy and rich bourgeoisie.

Abundant research led to improvement and a wide range of azalea cultivars to choose from. Flemish nurserymen played an extremely important role in this research. As a result, the Ghent azalea is a beautiful plant with flowers that bloom up to six weeks and are available in some 150 varieties.


Azalea models and sizes

Flandresse Azaleas are cultivated in a wide range of colours. Radiant white, attractive red or cheerful pink….there is always a colour that will match with you and your style