Clivia temperature and light

A Clivia, originally a shade-loving plant, will shine in every living room, but prefers bright, indirect light.

Clivia water and fertilizer

While Clivia doesn’t mind some neglect, Clivia care is still important. In fact, caring for a Clivia plant is relatively simple. The soil should be kept somewhat moist but allowed to dry out slightly between thorough waterings.


Given its slow growth, A Clivia should be fertilized only a few time a year. We advise you to repot your Clivia every 2 years in order to give the roots more space. Any standard compost is suitable for this purpose.

Rebloom your Clivia

Dormancy period

It is possible to force Clivia to bloom once the initial flowering period is over. Clivia needs a cold period (between 30 and 50 days) in order to bloom. You can simulate this natural cold period by placing your Clivia in a cool and darker area. Do not water your Clivia during this cold period.

After this cold period, you bring it back to its usual spot to rebloom. Increase the watering and add a little fertilizer.