We feel it’s our duty to look after our environment, nature, our employees and ultimately the consumer. We therefore invest in doing business as sustainably as possible and growing our products as organically as we can. We are constantly searching for (even more) organic and less environmentally harmful production techniques.


At our locations sheep graze to keep the grass tidy and there is no mowing during the breeding season. Hedges, flower beds and a beehive provide a large population of bees and insects. Our plants are genetically carefully selected on resistance to diseases and pests, and consequently we need to apply less herbicides.


Rainwater is collected and stored, so we can reuse it. In this way we use water optimally and ensure that there is no water wastage.


Our waste plan sets out how we separate waste and process green waste into compost. Our goal is to limit the amount of waste wherever possible. Cold growing is prolonged, which reduces our energy consumption and prevents pests. Our products are only transported in vehicles with the lowest emissions.


We treat everyone with respect and care deeply about long-term partnerships.


FlorAmor holds the MPS-A+, MPS-GAP, GLOBAL-GAP and MPS SQ and Product Proof certificates. You can check our sustainable efforts through our GGN number that is displayed on every plant.